The Secret World-themed spinoff probably is not going to be welcomed

The Secret World-themed spinoff: reasons why fans probably will puke a river

The Secret World

The Secret World-themed Halloween spinoff game is going to happen with us this year! But what’s upsetting, there’s no continue for Secret World Legends. Well, that’s screwed up.

Of course, I’m happy about seeing the Secret World IP expand soon, but ignoring the main game… you gotta be kidding. Elder Scrolls Online is a very popular MMO with unique universe and lore. That demand for ESO Gold very high across all the platforms. I’m equally excited for the newly announced spinoff Moons of Madness and disappointed about how my favorite title is left aside with a half-finished story.

At that point Funcom should just literally change their name to Frustratingcom. With their potential they could make both content for the game and spinoof, so the fanbase would be happy. Imagine the two of worlds if you would make an effort and think about things like not feeding us with the lack of SWL development?

Moons of Madness and more rage

I wonder what’s going on in Orochi’s mind those days, and probably everyone who cares about The Secret Worlds got the same question. I assume it might be just removed or ingested, I just don’t know what can it be. Like, alright, the success is coming for you and what are you doing? Hell, even in SWL we are highly exposed to the backwash of events. And you won’t deny, we’ve seen a lot of Orochi backwash, but not much of the actual Orochi. And I’m not talking about all those office living deads in Kaidan’s tower! Moons Over Madness will give us a piece of Orochi life as we play through technician Shane Newehart’s life on a Mars outpost.

Yes, I’m excited. What I desire the most is that this story is going to be invitingly familiar, but yet – completely unknown! I’ve got a chance to play a completely fresh game and that’s not what I can afford with anything else in The Secret World world anymore. Sure, I would love to have that favorable time there again in SWL, but chances for that are fading away. No matter, how optimistic I am, it’s hard to keep any hopes.

Show me some post-South Africa scenery

The only reason I took a participate with The Secret World to Secret World Legends rebranding is that it was the only way I could continue the adventure for me. Yes, I want it that much, so again; I will re-experience the old one to eventually continue the story. I will wait, I will be patient, here we go.

So that far the patience will get you.

Even though I wasn’t worried about having story so much at the beginning, I should have been probably worried about getting that story in the end! Maybe I should have left my hopes from the start and took off my pink glasses? It seems like those complainings about losing Romain Amiel as creative director would crush everything was more exact than I’d ever wanted. He’s gone, the end, folks.

This reboot was released two years ago and we have the only one micro-addition to the story. And I don’t mention the long lack of news that was in TSW, which’s two more years. South Africa didn’t appear until April 2018, almost a whole year after the reboot went live. And to make it more serious, we don’t have it fully yet! At least, the main story quest line is, but still those additional quests and other story elements from the NPCs around we were promised aren’t still here. Where is the rest of South Africa?

Probably we’re going to see more this spring, yet another year after our last story content. If this is what Funcom is trying to give us… it at least needs an expansion! This small amount of content can’t be an actual expansion. It was all right as the starting of the content drop though. Season 2 can’t  fully be considered as a full episode so far let alone a season.

Funcom better do something till it’s too late

A new title promising content is coming out apart of the game, we ate it, that crude decision is going to have huge consequences within its community. I hope Funcom understands and will make some real steps.

It would be way better if Funcom had a story content announcement for Secret World Legends before Moons of Madness was announced. To show us that the live game will might have some developments. Do you wonder if it is getting any at all now?

Or, Funcom is announcing an expected content tie-in to SWL. This would have healed a disappointment a bit.

We can be alright with smaller story content drops if it at least on constant basis. But more than a year in-between – this is slow as hell, and hardly regular for sure! So, as a highly devoted fan of this game, I’m begging: deliver more story in Secret World Legends.

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