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The second patch for Albion Online is available live.

So, the second –źlbion Online patch for their Call to Arms update is now available live. And, if you’re one of those people who likes to collect horses, this might interest you. As part of this latest update, a manual mouse-moose is available.

In fact,Albion Online received its call to arms earlier this month. The update brought several new features, such as several updates to its engine, which were intended to improve development time for developers in addition to improving performance.

This patch 2 allows you to find a Tame Moose. This animal is made of T67 hide. You can find the moose in the forest zones corresponding to the levels in the game. These Moose there is a chance to throw Moose calves. You can actually raise these calves into adult moose.If you raise this Tamed moose, you can ride it by taking it to a saddler. The team notes that this elk is most comparable to a Giant deer. This means that you can expect a fairly significant load capacity at an average speed. There is also a slot for the mount’s skin, which it shares with the deer.

Perhaps interestingly, the team revealed that Albion Online has more than 140,000 daily average users. They disclosed this information in their latest spring report for 2021. The report mentioned Covid for increasing the number of players, in addition to several updates that hit the game, such as the Rites of Avalon update, which introduced new features and two new languages.

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