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The second chapter of the events of Guild Wars 2.

ArenaNet studio announced that next week, players of the MMORPG Guild Wars 2 are waiting for the second chapter of the final events of the ice saga. It will bring new content, including missions, mobilization events, rewards and other interesting things.

Tyria is getting closer to the real apocalypse, and the fragile alliance between the Commander and the elder dragon Jormag will be tested for strength. The development team promises to add 4 new response missions that will unfold in Thunderhead Peaks, Fields of Ruin, Lake Doric and Snowden Drifts. For more experienced players, additional test modifiers are provided, increasing not only the difficulty, but also the reward.

Also, 2 groups of allies will join the fight against the impending threat. The first mobilization event will launch with the release of the chapter, and the second in a few weeks, along with the ability to create a new range of Dragonslayer weapons.

The release of the chapter “Power” will take place on January 19. All the final parts of Season 5 of Live history will be available completely free for owners of the Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire expansion. The release of the third chapter is scheduled for March, and the fourth for April, not May, as previously announced.


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