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The Rise of Avalon Balance patch has been released.

The well-known Rise of Avalon Balance patch, or rather the 13th patch of Albion Online, was included in the MMO, bringing with it changes in combat balance, mobs, and even some long-awaited improvements in the quality of life.

So, first, the Avalon mobs have finally been updated, “improving the overall experience of Elite Dungeons,” according to the patch notes. As such, players should experience what the developers support as a “more streamlined combat experience” when facing the Avalonians. According to the developers, this does not happen at the expense of the call.

In addition, the Albion Online patch 13 brings its use-all buttons, something that the community has been offering for quite some time now. The developers call it “the most requested feature of all time”. ” They even released a trailer dedicated to this feature, which you can watch below.

– Free yourself from the tyranny of endless clicks and use all your Silver Bags and Toms at the touch of a button. Patch 13 introduces the Use All button, arguably the most requested Albion feature of all time.”

But the Rise of Avalon Balance patch also makes some changes to the meta, such as changes to weapons and armor. The goal, the team stated, is to solve the ” meta problem in small-scale PvP and Corrupt Dungeons.”

And for those who jump back to Albion Online to check out the changes made by patch 13, you can also take part in Carnival Challenge, which just returned to the medieval fantasy MMORPG this month.

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