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The revival of Hong Moon in Blade & Soul starting on August 11.

Well, the Hongmun Revival is the next set of events scheduled for Blade & Soul, starting on August 11. Hongmun’s rebirth brings new daily challenges. Completing these tasks will reward you with Hongoom Rebirth Boxes. These boxes may contain various upgrade materials in addition to tokens. They can also contain Hongmoon Quick XP Amulets, Sacred Vials, Fusion Stones, and more.

You can use tokens specifically in Dragon Express and purchase a voucher for Hongmoon Resurgence equipment and a voucher for Hongmoon Resurgence jewelry. You can’t fully use the vouchers yet. You will have to wait for the Unreal Engine 4 update. You can also upgrade the Aura of your Star-Born pet to a Supernatural level. The team notes that if you haven’t exhausted your aura, don’t worry. The lower levels will receive a cost adjustment along with the Unreal Engine 4 update.

In addition, the favor of Fortune is returning. You can spend coins on four different boards that will reward you with cosmetics, improved materials and much more. You can collect two such coins once a week. Finally, on Thursday, August 12, at 11: 00 GMT, a live broadcast will take place on the official Twitch channel, which will provide more detailed information about the upcoming Unreal Engine 4 update. Recently, the “Endless Night” update was released live on Blade & Soul. This update brought the Sorcerers a specialization in reavers.

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