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The return of The Carnival Challenge.

Pretty good news. The Carnival Challenge is back in Albion Online.

So, during this month, that is, February, players will be able to earn points by opening chests to get sweet loot. The saddled Terror Bird is a mountain in this month’s time trial. You will see the speed of moving the base above the average. You will also see an invincibility/speed burst spell.

There’s also a new Carnival Challenge avatar ring to unlock. You will receive this ring as soon as you reach your challenge point goal this month. This is a non-saleable item that is permanently unlocked for one of your characters. Alternatively, you can exchange it with a vanity merchant. Finally, seasonal specials were slated, including Adventurer Volumes, Resources, and silver bags. There are also carnival-themed wardrobe skins and new pieces of furniture. If you are interested, you will be able to enter the game and start earning your challenge points.In case you missed it, the developers recently discussed the Call to Arms update.

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