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The Results Of Albion Online.

As we all know, there are a little less than two weeks left until the end of December, in connection with which the Sandbox Interactive studio published a new issue of the diary, where it summed up the results of the outgoing year and talked about the further development of Albion Online.

  • To begin with, it became known that the team became part of the company Stillfront, which bought 100% of the shares for a total amount of remuneration in the amount of €130,000,000. At the same time, as the creators themselves reported, this partnership will not affect their work, but only open up additional opportunities.
  • If we talk directly about the support of the game, then with the next patch, the team intends to rework the faction wars, improve the Gates of Hell and add the function of quickly switching between sets of equipment. Then attention will be paid to the open world, which is waiting for changes in design, updating the visual component and even more diversity in terms of gameplay.of course, the developers also have other plans, which include a considerable number of different ideas to improve the quality of the project, including affecting its mobile version.

Meanwhile, in the vastness of the fantasy universe, there is a “Yuletide Test”, a thematic event dedicated to the upcoming holidays

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