The Quest Of The Impossible Destiny 2 Is Now Much Easier

The Quest Of The Impossible Destiny 2 Got Easier

Bungie launched a new quest inside Destiny 2. “The Lie” quest tasks the community with completing 9,000,000 Seraph Tower public events across three different planets. As a reward the player gets a Felwinter’s Lie shotgun. Seraph Tower public even is about to disappear when the new Destiny 2 season will be released very soon, on June 9.

Both public event and the quest “The Lie” had changes. The public event will spawn at a lower power level while the quest will  progress much faster than before.

Bungie on a Tweeter post said: “We have made adjustments to ‘The Lie’ Quest and Seraph Tower Difficulty.”
•Champions have reduced power level and event progression has been slightly tuned.
•Effective immediately, quest progression has been given a 5x multiplier which will be increased to 10x on weekends.”

With these changes now players are expected to complete the event in just few days. The above came after some streamers were advocating players to boycott the event.

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