The quarterly season of Inside Star Citizen also ended last week.

Finally, The winner of Star citizen’s Ship Showdown contest was finally crowned.

The choice was quite large, namely between “Carrack”, “Valkyrie”, “Eclipse” and “Cutlass black”. However, in the end, the winner was named” anvil Explorer ” all ships that made it to the semifinals received or will receive a free, limited-edition ship livery and a themed shirt for their character, so this is it.

Last week also saw the end of the quarterly season of Inside Star Citizen and the last episode discussed the changes that are happening in Alpha 3.11. Also, if you missed it, check out this alpha version 3.10 posthumously.

To date, the team of Narrators will hold the most recent debate on the election of the moderator. Also on Wednesday, the winners of the Fly Like a Pirate contest will be announced.On Friday, as usual, there will be an update to the subscriber storage, as well as the RSI information Bulletin. In addition, a new episode of Star Citizen Live will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel. Of course, guests will be present, but this will be announced later.

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