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The Path of Exile patch added a “Clear Cache” button.

So, the very recent Path of Exile patch added a “Clear Cache” button. The developers of Grinding Gear Games have reached out to the community to explain what it does and why they added it in the first place.

Actually, the patch that the developers were talking about is patch 3.14.1 d. The state of the patch notes,

The Path of Exile client now uses your system’s video memory more efficiently, which means that resources will take longer to load. For systems with a sufficient amount of video memory, this will lead to significantly less resources being loaded during gameplay. And also added the “Clear Cache” button in the settings. Although we periodically clear the path to the link cache, this button can be used on demand to try to troubleshoot problems that may be caused by invalid files or if the cache becomes too large. But given that this is a fixed patch, you will need to restart the client after the fix. But what about the “Clear Cache” button? Games with grinding gears are explained,

“The Clear Cache button will clear several temporary storage locations that Path of Exile uses for things like uploaded images and graphics shaders. After clearing cached shaders, your client’s performance will be temporarily reduced while the client recovers the shaders it needs. For this reason, we recommend using “Clear Cache” only as a last resort when troubleshooting a crash or other graphics issue, or if the cache size has become an issue.”

The community notes that they are currently monitoring the results of this fix to resolve any remaining issues. If you experience crashes with Vulkan, try using DX11 and see what happens with this API.

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