The patch for Guild Wars 2 brought some world-wide polish and bug fixes.

So, yesterday’s patch for Guild Wars 2 brought some world-wide polish and bug fixes.

Let’s start with World polish, which now includes a new seller of items from the past April Fool’s rampage, found on the Bully’s route in the Lion’s Arch. In addition, new casts appear in every major city. These cats will be visible when they are under the influence of the Elixir of Chatoyant.

Well, this time the bug fixes are quite minor, reducing the volume of the sound effect to deploy the Eternal Mandala Glider. Professional skills, such as Engineer, Sentinel, Necromancer, and Revenant, were also affected.

For example, the Revenant saw the following tricks:

  • Infuse Light: Reduced the duration of the damage inversion effect from 3 seconds to 2 seconds in PvP only.
  • Energy Expel: Reduced drop distance from 450 to 100 in PvP only.
  • Blinding Truths: This trait now has an internal cooldown of 10 seconds only in PvP.
  • Charged Mists: Reduced energy gain from 25 to 10 in PvP only.
  • Phase Completion: Increased cooldown from 5 seconds to 12 seconds in PvP only.
  • Surge of the Mists: Increased cooldown from 20 seconds to 25 seconds in PvP only.

And also, more recently, ArenNet has made changes to the meta-achievement of stretch goals to make it less blurry. They explained,

“The Stretch Goals meta achievement earned by playing Icebrood Saga: Champions currently requires players to complete all related collections. This is prohibitively expensive and does not reflect the perceived complexity, so we are making adjustments to fix it.”

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