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The novelty of the enemies in the Black Desert Mobile.

I advise you to start watching out for new enemies in Hadum boss rush Black Desert Mobile.

Well, it looks like boss rush got a lot harder in the latest update, which brought Hadum difficulties. If players can finally defeat these powerful enemies, they will receive powerful rewards, for example, primal gear. People who are hungry for a kick under the Hadum must finally prepare to take on the Red Nose of level 99 to unlock this challenge, in order to prove their worth and enter the Hadum Boss Rush mode, players will need boss stamps and Shadow Nodes.

The PVP-focused Black Sun event is also now available to all players without wasting the Blessing of Light from 6-7 pm Server time on Wednesdays and Sundays. When the Black Sun rises, the gods Hadum and Elion merge. Players can fight anyone outside of their Guild to increase their Black Sun score. By accumulating points, you get great rewards. Now that the Black Sun has risen, it will rain down coins and Chaos Crystals.

Players can check out the detailed update release notes. I advise you to pay attention that this can last until maintenance on February 1.

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