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The Nova class received quite a large number of changes.

The most recently added Nova class for Black Desert has received more changes and tweaks as part of the latest patch.

The most basic Awakening skills were added for Nova, in addition to Rabam’s Enlightenment Spell. The damage of several skills has also been improved. Additional changes to Nova are included:

  • Prime: Vengeful Star-You can now combine the 3rd hit of the skill if it is used after the last hit.
  • Prime: Frozen Darkness – Increased the combo speed of using the skill after certain skills.
  • Prime: Quoratum’s Ascension-You can now combine this skill if it is used after the 2nd hit of Prime: Vengeful Star.
  • Prime: Swooping Ring-Changed the skill by removing the 1st hit, and now the skill applies all the hits on its last hit.

The patch also included several tweaks and changes to the monsters, the user interface, and many fixes, including:

  • Fixed an issue where Agris Fever points were incorrectly spent when defeating summoned monsters in a party.
  • Fixed an issue with the Morko gear bag, so that it can’t contain gears without durability.

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