The next major update for Crowfall should be released at the end of August.

The co-founder of Crowfall’s ArtCraft Entertainment, recently presented a community update in which he shared details about what we can expect in this month’s update. The next major update for Crowfall should be released later, towards the end of this month. Gordon notes that this update will provide cross-server access to both Dregsa and Shadow Campaigns. This means that players will be able to participate in a much larger world in the zones of the EU, Australia, East and West of the USA. The goal here is to expose players to more PvP campaigns and sieges at any given moment of the day.

Gordon-co-founder also noted that performance during sieges has improved, and it should be noted that the team is constantly striving to improve performance during sieges. Gordon also discusses what will happen next. He notes that the team’s design for the siege of handshakes has received a lot of feedback from the community. This includes elements such as chat, zone maps, guild management tools, and much more.

The launch was overshadowed by DDoS attacks, which Gordon described in the Founder’s update. Most recently, Crowfall received battles of 3 factions called “Shadow”.

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