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The next Battle Royale on Steam will be an interactive action

The new game Bloodshore should appear on Steam in November. This is an “interactive action film” in which you “control” a character who is in a kind of real life battle royale. Thematically, this is reminiscent of Hunger Games and the Netflix hit Squid Game.

What kind of game is this? In Bloodshore, streamers, entertainers and prisoners sentenced to death fight each other for survival. The winner will be rewarded with fame and prize money, while the other players will not survive the adventure.

However, you do not fight actively in Bloodshore, but rather experience a film. Real action scenes are shown and you then have different options. Depending on the decision, the course of the film changes.

The game is developed by Wales Interactive, who have already implemented games such as “The Complex” and “Five Dates”. Both are games that got really good reviews on Steam – 78% and 90% positive.

An interactive series like Squid Game or Hunger Games

How does the game work exactly? A round should last around 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the decisions. In doing so, you keep making decisions that have an impact on the story being told. The relationship between the characters should also play a role in the outcome.

In the trailer you can already see that you only have a limited amount of time for each decision, such as which person you want to save or which one you want to kill.

You can also “lose” the game by making a wrong decision and then knocking out. There should be a number of different outcomes for the game. A total of 8 hours of real video material is said to have been recorded for Bloodshore.

Who is the game aimed at? Basically, Bloodshore is more of a movie than a classic battle royale. Because there are no action-packed fights or active aiming with firearms.

The attraction is much more that you can make your own decisions in a movie like Hunger Games or a series like Squid Game.

When does the game come out? Bloodshore is slated for release on November 3rd on Steam. There is no price yet.

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