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The next AMA for the Ashes of Creation was announced.

Well, the next AMA for the Ashes of Creation has finally been announced. This date is June 13. The AMA is scheduled for June 13 at 11 a.m. GMT and will last approximately one hour. You can watch the broadcast on the official Twitch channel. And if you have a question for Creative director Stephen Sharif, you can post that question in the official AMA thread on Reddit.

However, you will have until this Friday to ask all your questions. After that, the team will collect the most popular comments to present to Stephen. As expected, there are already tons of questions in the Reddit thread. One question concerns the potential for doing business,

“Can we do any business? “You mentioned things like taverns, but I’m curious if there’s anything else you’ve all planned.”

Note: Will our business be considered our freehold?”

Other questions related to quests,

“Hi, personally, I really like MMO and/or RPG quests. Where, for example, in GW2 there are only events and main quests, but no side requests. Both Runescape and Runescape (both OSR and rs3) have short and long adventures where you travel around the world map to unravel a story or complete an item. And then, of course, in games like WoW, there are quests like kill and / or collect X of Y (fetch quests). What quests or ways to experience story elements are planned for Ashes of Creation?”

At the end of last month, The Ashes of Creation hosted a live broadcast. And if you played alpha, the verbal NDA is removed. However, the visual NDA is still very important.

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