The New World was postponed to the spring of 2021.

So, after the retweet goal was already achieved on Twitter, Amazon’s New World broke the ice on a new weapon that players can use in Aeternum, the Ice Glove. The first video showed us a column of ice with something inside. Also, the Amazon MMO twitter account back on April 6 challenged users to reach the 200-fold retweet goal to reveal even more of what was inside.

Beneath all this ice was the ice gauntlet, a new weapon that had come to a New World. Although there is no detailed description of how this weapon works yet, we can see it in action in the released video clip. Gauntlet, summons ice as projectiles, hurling frozen spells at enemies. And besides, it looks like the ice guantlet can summon area-of-effect skills like a blizzard to deal damage to enemies in combat, based on the video already.

And also, the New World was postponed to the spring of 2021, instead it was scheduled for the end of August of this year. Recently, however, as the team works on this new release date after numerous delays since last year, the team has been working on PvE group expeditions, as well as adding a new zone to its current alpha version as it gets closer to launch.

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