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The new version of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online.

Recently, the international gaming platform Fogame announced a new version of the MMORPG Ragnarok Online-Prime, in which gamers are waiting for innovations, changes and improvements.

Ragnarok Online — Prime Features:
There will be improved mechanics based on Renewal;
The interface design will be changed;
Additional weapon parameters;
Updated homunculus system;
Expert professions and supernovae;
At the start, locations such as Juperos, Lighthizer, the Somatology laboratory and The Kiel Kair robot Factory will be available;
In the future, there will be full-fledged third professions and a game race of Doramas.

The press release notes that all new content is being developed specifically for the Prime version. The next updates promise to be even more extensive.

You can get acquainted with the early access kits (including rare decor, access to the PTA, nickname reservation, and a lot of valuable items) on the official website.

Closed beta testing of Prime will begin in mid-September, and the new version of Ragnarok Online will be available in October. Learn more about the game and upcoming updates at

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