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The new trailer for Genshin Impact shows Raiden Shogun

With Raiden Shogun, Genshin Impact is one of the most sought-after characters in a long time. Now there is finally a trailer for her that lets you look deep.

What’s the matter? As already announced in the livestream for Patch 2.1, the new character Baal (Raiden Shogun) will come into play on September 1st. Before they are released, mihoYo always publishes individual character trailers. This is also the case with the Raiden Shogun.

Why does the trailer look deep? Raiden Shogun has made it its business to take away the divine eye of the inhabitants of Inazuma. Nobody knew yet why she is so dogged about it. The trailer shows Raiden’s past and how little by little all of her friends disappear. She does not seem to want people to have the power of the divine eye in order to have the power to harm others with it. She wants to create her own positive eternity in which no one has to die because of this power.

If this assumption is correct, Raiden may not be the “mean, malicious character who hates everyone”, but does not want other people to experience their suffering.

We already know that about Raiden Shogun. When was it announced? Raiden Shogun was announced by Genshin Impact on Twitter on July 22nd. In a week it will finally be playable for the community. This is what Raiden Shogun can do:

  • Baal has the divine eye Elektro
  • She is a 5 star character
  • She uses a spear as her main weapon. Only her special ability uses a katana for a short time

Official gameplay from Baal:


  • Basic attack: five spear blows forward
  • Heavy Strike: Consumes some stamina and strikes upwards
  • Elemental ability, “Miracle – ominous look”:
  • Deals electric damage to nearby enemies and gives nearby troop members the “Eye of Stormy Judgment” buff
  • “Eye of Stormy Judment”:
  • When characters deal damage with this buff, the buff deals coordinated electrical area damage every 0.9 seconds
  • Characters who have this buff receive additional damage for their special ability. The damage depends on the energy cost of the special ability
  • In multiplayer, the other players do 20% more damage
  • Special Skill, “Secret Art – Musou Shinsetsu”:
  • Your Base Attacks, Heavy Strikes, and Attacks from the Fall now deal Electrical Damage that cannot be overridden by other abilities
  • If her attacks hit during the duration of the effect, she can restore elemental energy for the troops every second. The effect can be activated five times
  • During the duration of its effect, Raiden is immune to damage from electrical reactions and is less easily interrupted when attacked
  • Your attacks are counted as special ability damage during the duration of the effect
  • If Baal leaves the field, the special ability ends.

What else do we learn about them? Furthermore, all characters receive a kind of profile that reveals more about them.

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