The new patch “The last Oasis” brought a lot of changes.

So, this week, which is coming to an end, “the last Oasis” will receive a new map of the ancient city and Hercules. The Walker itself looks pretty epic, as you can see in the video below. The ancient city map is going to introduce a bunch of new mining sites, Rupu camps, in addition to merchants. The team is also introducing several BB changes this week.

Also, bases will now also be destroyed over an indefinite period of time if they are not maintained. This means that if you have a base on hand that you want to use, you will need a maintenance chest and resources to keep it running. However, the bases won’t be destroyed until early next week, so you have some time.

Also, the patch brought a bunch of new fixes, as well as optimizations.

  • Fixed buying too many items from merchants.
  • Fixed Sequoia trees, not giving any more of the wood using high-level tools.
  • Fixed some missing hint texts.
  • A fixed vitamin merchant sometimes doesn’t buy.
  • And much more.

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