Black Desert: the new mobile market, Spring Fever event and other news

The new mobile market for Black Desert, Spring Fever event and more news (they also fixed that bloody rock for you)

black desert

A lot of new things are happening in Black Desert during this week! Firstly, Kakao is almost ready to roll out a mobile- and web- available version of the game’s Central Market. (It’s seemingly not out yet and “will be released shortly,” so the mobile link won’t work now, but it supposedly will soon.)

“We are excited to present to you today the mobile web version of the Central Market! Now you can buy, sell, and browse items on Central Market anywhere and anytime, all from your mobile device. You won’t need to install a separate mobile application or anything! So, if there is an item you want to buy or sell, just pick up your mobile device and start browsing!”

The update from April 17 also throws the Spring Fever event and fixes a rock. Yes, a rock. “An unnaturally placed rock at a certain Shakatu area has been removed.” Can we say Black Desert is in safe now?

Moving to more serious news, Kakao has also updated its TOS to add clarified note about “promoting or encouraging suicide” (better don’t do it, folks), using unpleasant names (like ||||||||||), and traiding accounts for cryptocurrency, to be honest, you better stop using drugs, if you’re doing something like this.

While you’re still here, you can check out and buy Black Desert Online Siilver on our site.

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