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The new MMORPG Embers Adrift should be released in 2022

Embers Adrift (PC) has announced its release for 2022. The MMORPG was previously known as Saga of Lucimia and promises to be a game for PvE fans. You look for PvP there in vain, instead you should be constantly dependent on other players.

What kind of game is this? Embers Adrift is a pure PvE sandbox MMORPG and takes place in a medieval world. The game also promises an interesting concept:

  • There are no classes, but your weapons and skills determine the style of play. The game relies on a Holy Trinity consisting of tank, healer and DD.
  • There are no major quest hubs and no minimap.
  • You should explore the world and encounter challenges and secrets in the process.
  • The crafting should be profound and important to progress.
  • There are dungeons, raids and group content in the open world.
  • There is no PvP, not even in arenas. However, there could be a duel function in the future.
  • Embers Adrift uses a monthly subscription model.

The developers also emphasize that Embers Adrift is designed to provide a very immersive experience. The game dispenses with an excessive number of tooltips, pop-ups in the interface or advertising for the shop. The latter is also due to the fact that there should be no shop in the game at all.

Why was the game renamed? Officially it is said that the renaming took place because the new IP offers more “flexibility”. However, the background is likely to be the separation of the developer studio from the actual founders of the company. Because Tim and Joseph Anderson left the studio earlier this year.

In terms of content and the philosophy of the game, nothing should change. That’s why all backers and buyers keep the orders they placed for Saga of Lucimia back then.

There is no official gameplay for Embers Adrift yet. However, the developers have shared several pictures on Twitter.

The focus is on groups, but you can also make progress on your own

What does PvE offer? In Embers Adrift you should experience an adventure from character creation on. It’s early on against bosses in the open world and in dungeons and raids. You should experience progress in the story in all content.

In an earlier interview, the developers revealed that players can also progress on their own. However, dungeons and raids will always require players.

You can find these via the chat or an LFG tool, which is not automated, but only serves to find the players. You will also not be ported to the corresponding instance, but have to travel there yourself.

Why is the game interesting? Many of the newer MMORPGs have a focus on solo players and PvP. A pure PvE game has not existed for a long time. In addition, it relies on a subscription and completely dispenses with a shop.

Pre-orders start in October, the release is planned for 2022

How far is the game so far? The current status of the MMORPG was communicated in several developer messages:

  • Almost all areas that are planned for the launch have already been completed
  • The dungeons should already be complete
  • They are currently working on fine-tuning the crafting system

In the last few months we worked on the performance so that a “solid level” was finally reached and the graphics got an update
That sounds solid for an alpha MMORPG. The developers have also revealed news about the release date.

When does Embers Adrift appear? In a new newsletter in August, the developers announced that their private founding campaign had gone well and that they had now raised enough money from investors to implement their game.

That’s why pre-orders for the MMORPG should start in October. The packages then give access to the final alpha and the first beta tests. The early start to release is also sold in the packs. Depending on the pack, you get three or one day head start.

The developers announced via Twitter that the final release is planned for early or mid-2022.

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