The new Dead Space-like sci-fi shooter is already here

Negative Atmosphere

The new shooter Negative Atmosphere that was inspired by Dead Space is released.

The game was represented at EGX Rezzed last week, and developer Sun Scorched has uploaded the demo-version on YouTube. At the first onset, there are no doubts the Dead Space inspirations in the design of the main character, the narrow corridors soiled with blood, and even the organic, on-suit HUD elements.

Negative Atmosphere seems like more of a straight shooter than Dead Space, how the demo shows, with the hero working with an assault rifle rather than Isaac’s improvised weapons that made of laser cutters.

All we have for now is a result of five months’ work, and the team is currently accepting donations on Patreon to continue developments. They’re planning to take it to Kickstarter when a playable demo will be finished.

Looks like it has some potential, especially since no one seems to be interested in making something like that.

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