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The new co-op shooter from Bethesda apparently offers looting and leveling

Since the announcement for E3 2021, little information is known about Bethesda’s co-op shooter Redfall. Now a leak has revealed numerous screenshots of the game, which show some interesting details: There will probably be loot and levels.

What is Redfall anyway? Redfall is a co-op shooter and is developed by Arkane Studios, which are known for games such as Dishonored and Prey, among others.

But with Redfall you are going in a new direction:

  • Redfall has a big open world, like Destiny 2 and other games
  • You can play with up to three people
  • So far there are 4 officially announced characters with different abilities
  • You fight with firearms and special skills with which you eliminate vampire enemies
  • These include, for example, invisibility, a teleport or a huge shield that throws enemies back.

We described the shooter as Borderlands with vampires, as the rough facts, the graphic style and the macabre humor are partly reminiscent of the loot shooter giant. Now, thanks to a leak, it is known that there could also be great similarities in terms of gameplay technology.

Leak says: Redfall lets you collect loot and level up. What kind of leak is that? The information comes from the Redfall subreddit. Such leaks should always be treated with caution, but in addition to some details, there are also numerous, very believable-looking screenshots.

These apparently come from a playtest for Redfall, in which the reddit user was able to participate. From this playtest he now listed some interesting things.

We know that so far about the loot and level system: The screenshots that you can find in the RagnaroyTyr post give you a first look at Redfall’s inventory.

There are weapons and armor that also have different rarity levels. You can see weapon attributes like “Increased Hipfire Precision” or “Increased Precision on the Move”. Ultimately, collecting loot is an important part of progress in Redfall. There is also a level system. There are experience points from killing monsters and completing missions. This allows you to move up in the level as usual.

What influence the level has, apart from the portable item level, we do not yet know. It is also not clear whether every character can equip all loot, or whether there are class-specific weapons and armor.

Game world and story

This is what the leak says about the game world: The leak does not go into detail, but the structure and presentation of the game world should be somewhere between Borderlands and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The world should be about as big as the game worlds of Fallout 76 or Ghost of Tsushima. Similar to Ghost of Tsushima, there should be almost no or only very short loading screens when traversing the world.

What about the story? There will probably be a fixed story that leads you through the game world. Apart from that, there are numerous missions and side quests and other things to be found. There are also boss fights, which, according to Leak, are also reminiscent of the bosses from Borderlands.

Another interesting detail: There are probably not only 4, but 6 playable characters. Accordingly, two have not yet been announced.

Which heroes do we already know? Redfall has introduced four playable heroes so far: Devinder Crousley, Layla Ellison, Remi De La Roa, Jacob Boyer. Each of them gets their own backstory and special skills.

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