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The most recent Elder Scrolls Online PTS patch Contains fixes and tweaks.

The most recent Elder Scrolls Online PTS patch Contains fixes and tweaks for the Companion and Rockgrove Trial.The Elder Scrolls Online team at Zenimax Online Studios has released the latest patch notes for PTR, which contain several companion fixes and a Rockgrove trial.

What are companions? This is the latest system, which arrived at the ESO office in Blackwood at the end of June this year. However, if you can’t wait to test it, you can download the PTS, as Blackwood was recently available in a test environment.Given that this is only a test environment, I advise you to expect some bugs and so-called quirks, which we hope will be fixed before the official launch in June. To that end, it seems that some of the players found some bugs that caused this patch.

The team writes that they will be testing several features with companions:

  • Show your Companion or Group Mates only in areas with a high population (for example, in cities).
  • De-spawn all companions in cities.
  • De-yawning companions during encounters with extremely high population numbers (such as Storms or Dragons).
  • Meanwhile, the Rockgrove Trial has featured an extensive list of settings from more general settings to those.
  • involving various enemies and more.

Some of these fixes include:

  • Hard Mode difficulty is now unlocked for all bosses in Veteran Rockgrove.
  • The achievements of Rockgrove Sprinter, Will of Stone, and Soul Savior no longer require you to defeat Basking
  • Snakes or wounded Soul Xan fighters. The achievement descriptions are updated to reflect this.
  • The Stranglers created by the Reavers of Sul-Xan will no longer exist after the Reaver is defeated.
  • The Blood seekers of Sul-Xan will no longer defy gravity for a moment by using their Fire Jump ability receive increased damage.
  • The astral shield no longer folds.
  • Soul Remnant projectiles now fire from a monster that has just expired its Astral Shield, and the damage now comes from the same monster.
  • The remaining Soul now deals slightly less damage in normal mode.

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