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The most important features of New World

Anyone who has browsed the Internet in the past few weeks could probably not do so without encountering the name New World. But what is the game all about? The most important features explained in 3 minutes.

What is New World? The game is an MMORPG, i.e. an online role-playing game. You slip into the role of a shipwrecked man and find out within the first minute that something is wrong on the island of Aeternum.

Very soon you will join one of the three factions that dominate the island and not only do jobs for them, but also support you in the battle for important territories. You can choose from:

  • The Marauders – A military organization that primarily seeks fame and honor. They are very keen on the fight and are always ready to intervene firmly.
  • The Syndicate – Consists primarily of magicians and explorers who advance science on the island and explore the unknown.
  • The Alliance – is also a military community, but its basic values ​​differ from the marauders. The values ​​of faith and loyalty are most important to the Alliance.

Once you have joined one of the three powers, you will also have the option to get hold of certain armor that is exclusive to the respective faction. You should consider your choice carefully because you can only change it every 120 days.

There is something for everyone in the gameplay

What can you expect from play? New World lets you play what you want to do. It offers numerous possibilities for progression and does not bind you to fixed classes. The core features of New World at a glance:

  • PvE content such as events in the open world, quests, expeditions and exciting points of interest that always reward you well.
  • PvP in different modes, like the outpost rush, or even in the open world. Here the factions fight each other or even argue over control of entire regions. The open world PvP is optional and can be deactivated for you.
  • An exciting housing system in which hundreds of decorations are waiting for you and every address is available, as houses can also be occupied several times. People who walk past the house then only see the one with the highest score. Not in the mood for fights? No problem – let your house be the most beautiful.
  • A sophisticated professional system that not only rewards you richly, but also challenges you. There are numerous life skills such as harvesting and ore prospecting that you can improve in order to become more efficient and thus also produce better equipment. Because the best items in New World can be crafted by yourself.
  • The guilds or organizations, as they are called in New World, always belong to a faction. As a guild leader, you can even become the governor of a settlement and decide, among other things, what will be built there and how high the taxes will be.
  • 11 weapons and 3 different armor categories that allow a class system without being tied to fixed classes. If you fight with a weapon, you will get better with it and unlock more skills. In theory, you can combine all “classes” on one character.

And if you don’t feel like doing any of it, you can just sit down by his lake and fish or play scissors, rock, paper with friends.

A picturesque open world

What can you expect in the world? New World relies heavily on your urge to explore and generally rewards it strongly. What sounds strange at first is very helpful to fuel exactly that – there is no mini-map in New World.

At the top of the screen you only have a compass that shows you interesting places that are close by. There is not only something to get there, but also often more background knowledge about the island of Aeternum and its inhabitants.

In addition to a rough and dangerous island, bustling cities, forts and settlements await you, which function as a quest hub in New World and reliably provide you with tasks.

So it doesn’t really matter whether you prefer to play for yourself, together with others, or a mix of both. Whether you enjoy PvE or PvP, or none of them are interested and you just want to be a rich trader and governor, New World has something for everyone.

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