Be ready for The Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3 collaboration!

The Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt collaboration is around the corner

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No more waitings: The Witcher 3 collaboration in Monster Hunter World will launch on PC next month.

Monster Hunter World players on PC will finally be able to participate in the Witcher 3 cross-over series of quests that has been unlocked for consoles since February.

You can take your part as Geralt himself when the gathering begins Thursday, May 9 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET and on May 10 at 1am UK, 2am CET.

The new quests will let you to play as a witcher in a quest to free this weird, new reality of a huge Leshen. It comes with a Special Assignment contract named Trouble in the Ancient Forest. The outcome depends on your improvements through the side goals, and the task will always be able to take.

Adventure game nowadays mostly moving online like Elder Scrolls did. When playing online gamers utilize ESO gold as ingame currency. The ending of the task grants you with a special item and gesture, a new guild card background. You will get materials to craft the “Geralt α” full equipment and the Witcher’s Silver Sword weapon and a shield as well.

Accomplishing special aims will give you a critical gift that, if completed, supplies the details needed to make the “Cursed Staff α” weapon, and the “Nekker α” full armor set for your Palico.

On May 17 the event quest contract Woodland Spirit is planning. As difficult as Death March in The Witcher 3, completion hands over materials needed to make the “Ciri α” full equipment and the “Zireael” dual blades.

You will get delivery requests to get parts needed for the Geralt Layered Armor and Ciri Layered Armor, as well.

The Woodland Spirit event will start on Friday, May 17 at 5pm PT, 8pm ET and on Saturday, May 18 at 1am UK, 2am CET. Ends: Thursday, May 30 at 4: 59pm PT, 7:59pm ET and on Friday, May 31 at 12:59am UK, 1:59am CET.

The Monster Hunter: World x The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt gathering will come as part of the free title update v6.0 which will include variety of bug fixes, so monitor for the patch notes.

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