A little about "The Generals Zero Hour" RTS

They don’t make games like that anymore: a little about the military strategy “Generals”

Every year there are new strategies for computers, which often lose to their older generations in terms of gameplay and development opportunities. As die-hard fans of Command and Conquer, and especially the Generals military strategy series, we love games with a military dimension and many sides to choose from. Yes, that’s right, in terms of the choice of sides, the “Generals” have only 3 Powers: China, the USA, the GLA (MAO), this is a lot, but there are many generals on each side, with their own moments in development and military component.

What do we see today in the computer games industry? MMO Looter-shooters like Destiny 2 and its clones. As for RTS There is such a strategy as “Act of Aggression R.E.” which is not to be played with nostalgia for the generals. All the same, there is not the same mechanics and choice of sides, corresponding to the economy with opposition. There is also a project based on the Unreal Engine 4, which has been in development for a long time to create a similar copy, but improved according to the generals. Already many of you know that the Generals tried to recreate, but in the form of a shareware game, which most did not like, for this reason the project collapsed and the development studio from EA was closed.

Since 2013, a petition has been created for the renewal or re-release of the “Command & Conquer Series“, but the developers and especially the EA company itself does not plan to take on this resurrection of the game and this series with generals in the near future. But, why can’t a company sell the source code or developments that they have already done to another company or studio that can buy and restore the project, which it should be. Today there are already more than 2 million people who play the Generals strategy every month.

What is to be done with the Generals in the end?

It is hoped that developers from other companies will make a very similar game, or EA corporation will resume the re-creation process or make an HD copy of the Generals Zero Hour game with active online servers. While you can play mods and addons to the Generals game, or try playing the same game on the Red Alert III engine, which is slightly more stable, with improved graphics and network capabilities. There are also analogues of the game Generals, in particular try to play in “Armor Clash III“, it is quite a suitable game project, but it does not compete with generals.

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