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The lunar year in Guild Wars 2 will bring a lot of things.

Well, if you missed some news, it’s currently the Lunar New Year in Guild Wars 2.

Players can join in the celebration right now, starting to welcome the Year of the Bull with fireworks,food, games, and lots of prizes. Also, I advise you to check your in-game mail for an invitation to this celebration. And to do this is quite easy-just double-click on the item in your mail, in order to instantly teleport to the holiday.

Players will be taken to Divinty Reach, where you can talk to Phaedra and buy lucky envelopes. Players can also light fireworks in the Crown Pavilion. In addition, you can sign up for horse racing and try your hand there. While talking to Finolla, you will be teleported to the Dragon Ball Arena, and the Sky Summon Attendant will send you on a quest to find the heavenly animals.

But some of this year’s prizes include achievements to earn Moon Enchanted Gloves, Shining Golden Weapons, and more. Earlier, ArenaNet provided an update on performance issues with significantly reduced server latency.

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