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The Lord of the Rings Online is giving away tons of DLCs

The classic MMORPG The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) offers tons of free DLC packs. These “Quest Packs” contain tons of quests, scenarios, stories and even raids as well as other instances. This is the ideal time to get into the game effectively, but hurry up!

What’s up with the free quest packs? You can currently get free quest packs in LOTRO. Otherwise they cost real money or can be earned with a VIP subscription. The cost was usually between 4 and 7$ per Quest Pack.

What are Quest Packs? Quest Packs are something like DLC packs. They mainly contain quests. However, there are also special quest packs, including “The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins”, in which the famous Hobbit plays the leading role and reveals completely new stories, or the “Blood of Azog” pack, which even contains a raid.

26 quests packs and special offers, but only for a limited time

How do I get the Quest Packs? In the current deal, an impressive 26 quest packs are available for free. To get it, you just have to enter the code “LOTROQUESTS2021” in the game itself in the shop and redeem it. The following quest packs are then available for free:

Quest Pack: Central Gondor
Quest Pack: East Gondor
Quest Pack: West Gondor
Quest Pack: Wildermore
Quest Pack: Angmar
Quest Pack: Enedwaith
Quest Pack: Eregion
Quest Pack: Evendim
Quest Pack: Forochel
Quest Pack: Eriador Bundle
Quest Pack: Misty Mountains
Quest Pack: North Downs
Quest Pack: Trollshaws
Quest Pack: Lothlorien
Quest Pack: Great River
Quest Pack: Old Anórien
Region Pack: Far Anórien
Quest Pack: March of the King
Quest Pack: Battle of the Black Gate
Quest Pack: Legacy of the Necromancer
Quest Pack: Where Dragons Dwell
Quest Pack: The Vales of Anduin
Quest Pack: Mists of Wilderland
Quest Pack: The Wildwood
The Further Adventures of Bilbo Baggins

Quest Pack: The Blood of Azog

So if you are new to the game and want a lot of content, you can draw on the full and retreat to Middle-earth for days.

What else is there? In addition to the free Quest Pack, there are also a handful of packs that are available in the shop for only 99 points (1.54$):

Expansion Quests: Mines of Moria
Expansion Quests: Siege of Mirkwood
Expansion Quests: Rise of Isengard
Expansion Quests: Riders of Rohan
Expansion quests: Helm’s Deep
Instance Cluster: Rise of Isengard
Instance Cluster: Riders of Rohan

Expansion quests: Mordor

How long does the action last? The promotion only runs until November 30th, 2021, only during this time you can dust off the free and discounted quest packs.

What is LOTRO anyway? The MMORPG puts you in the classic fantasy world of Middle-earth, known from the novel trilogy The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien and Peter Jackson’s films. You play the plot parallel to the story of the books / films and meet well-known characters. Plus, the story continues even after the official story ends.

LOTRO relies on classic MMORPG fare. You play a certain character class and do quests, dungeons and large raids. In addition, the story is not neglected and you experience aspects of Middle-earth that have not yet been seen in any official story. So if you are into classic MMORPGs in a fantasy setting, you should take a look here.

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