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The legendary Ithil server in Lord of the Rings Online is coming to an end.

So, this week, the players of Lord of the Rings Online learned that the legendary Ithil server is coming to an end. One interesting piece of information from the closure was that the characters on the legendary server could be transferred to any server, not just another legendary one, Anor. The players seem to like this idea, and Standing Stone Games agrees with it, as it has just opened translations from Anor.

But Ithil, the second legendary server that was launched a few years ago, when the population on Anor caused problems with logging in to the server, closes on June 15 due to low population. SSG offers free transfers to Ithil players who move their toons from the server to any of the LotRO servers. And today, Jerry “Cordovan” Snook took to the LotRO forums to announce that transfers are also open to those who want to switch from Anor to regular servers.

“We have listened to your feedback, and we are pleased to announce that the transfer of characters and common items is now available from Anor to any of the non-legendary game worlds. Note that after transferring characters or common elements from Anor, these characters or common elements cannot be transferred back to Anor. In addition, players can easily move from Anor to the game world of the United States or Europe. As soon as the character arrived in the US. or the European destination game world, the technical restriction will again apply and will not allow this character to move between the US and European game worlds.”

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But in the ad, it is important to note that once you make a decision on an American or European server, you will be stuck in the region due to technical restrictions on the character. So choose your region of the game world wisely. There is also no indication that this is a free service. Although it would be logical that the LotRO team would charge their usual transfer fee, as Anor does not close, coming so close to Ithil transfers that it is questionable. However, it currently doesn’t seem to be free like the Ithil translations, because, again, Ithil is closed forever. And Cordovan addressed the closure of Ithil on today’s live broadcast of Cord of the Rings, talking about the low population as well as the original purpose of opening it from the start. Cordovan stressed to players that free transfers to Ithil occur until the end of the year, but since the servers are likely to receive a “database cleanup” after the end of the year, any player who does not transfer will permanently lose their characters and shared items.

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