The Legendary Banded Gator was recently spotted

In Red Dead Online, the Legendary Banded Gator was seen as a huge variety of opportunists for naturalists. Well, this newest so-called mission is available to naturalists of rank 5 or higher. In fact, this alligator was last seen outside of Saint-Denny. That will give players the skin of striped Aligator? They will unlock the striped coat for purchase. Also now there is something like a promotion, if you create a coat in Gus’s store, you get a free vest. What are the time-limited items? This is Our fernwater coat and hopeman vest, which are now available for purchase. The catalog now has a lot of new products, or rather just a kick as much from the hopsmere cardigan to Mitehill trousers. By the way, there are still new colors available. What about discounts?There will be discounts for naturalists. There will be new benefits of Prime Gaming and this week it will be an icahi coat for handing over the legendary icahi boar skin to Gus’s store,five awards for a free box of nitro Express ammunition, and a reward for 50 rounds of sedative minx.

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