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The launch of Bless Unleashed is slightly delayed.

Apparently, the launch of the PC version of Bless Unleashed is slightly delayed, as the Round 8 studio announced plans to hold another, already the third, closed test of the project. At the same time on console versions of bless star seeds prices are getting lower, so you can get some fairly cheap.

According to the developers themselves, the feedback they received after the January PTA showed the team the need to devote more time to work on optimization. In addition to this, the team also promised to prepare other changes, affecting, for example, the user interface, the combat system and a number of other gameplay elements.

The upcoming beta will be the final stage of testing, and its start is currently scheduled for May, so the release of Bless Unleashed will no longer be able to take place in early 2021, which the creators originally expected.

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