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The latest update of the Dauntless.

So, the latest update of the Dauntless community gives us an opportunity to look behind the scenes into the development of the Thunderdeep Drask. The Thunder Depth Drask was introduced not so long ago as part of patch 1.7.1. The Thunder Depth Drask can be found at the “Dormant Thunder” event, only at Cape Fury in the Hunting Grounds.

But the update of the community “State of Fearlessness” touched on the legacy of the Drask “Thunder Abyss”. As the story goes, in fact, it was first launched back in 2017 during closed beta testing. But at that time and during the development of the Thunderdeep Drask, it did not meet the internal quality level of the team. So they kept pushing him out. However, at some point, the players asked what happened to the hippo.

As the team put it,

“We knew that we wanted to return to the terrible version of this Behemoth and show him a little love, but over time, many of the original works have become a mystery. Some key pieces of information were missing, so a quick pass to Polish was not an option. So we decided to move forward with other new giants and features … But the call of Drask from the Thunder Abyss has always been in the back of our thoughts.”

Eventually, of course, the team returned to the Thunderdeep drask and began a redesign that included new animations, new movements and much more. In the full post, there are small reels of film that you can watch, demonstrating the results of these animations and movements before and after. Next, the team discussed the future and what it may contain, including what 1.7.2 means for the Thunderdeep drask,

“With the launch of patch 1.7.2, this legend will be spread to other parts of the Destroyed Islands — so listen carefully to the characteristic crackling of lightning lizards breathing down your neck!”

Before Fearless officially received the Thunder Depth Drask, the team added subclasses and a new hunting pass.

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