The latest update in Outriders is aimed at solving the problem of destroying inventory.

So, the latest update in Outriders is aimed at solving the problem of destroying inventory that many people face.

People who can fly have already addressed this issue over the weekend and have outlined a plan to restore equipment.They also put forward a workaround defense earlier this week. But it seems that the developers have already released a patch to solve this problem.

Actually, the patch was released for platforms like Steam, Epic, Xbox, and PlayStation, so almost every platform experiencing this issue should have this fix. The team did publish some important information that you should know when entering the patch,

With this new patch, some players may occasionally encounter multiplayer connectivity issues, followed by inventory items that become momentarily invisible. This is a known and only temporary behavior that is part of our three-step inventory protection measures.
Restarting the game or waiting for a few minutes and then restarting the game should make your items appear again.

We aim to address the occurrence of these extreme cases in a future patch.
If you do encounter a cleanup that occurs after installing the patch and does not resolve after restarting the game, please report it immediately in this Edge Case subspace.

Also, the developers noted that they will continue to monitor the situation throughout the weekend. If you have any other problems, please contact them. So this may not be the last message and action taken to resolve this issue.

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