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The latest update for the development of DC Universe Online.

The latest update for the development of DC Universe Online, which points to quite interesting information. Namely, about monetization or its absence or new episodes.

And immediately, senior producer Landon “Panderus” Falls confirms that all episodes will be released for free until DCUO’s next big expansion. This follows the fact that Flashpoint has become free for everyone. Landon writes,

“First, I can confirm that we will make all episodes free to all players until our next major release this summer.As you know, Episode 40: World of Flashpoint has just been released for free to everyone, all episodes have been open (available to anyone with longer loot locks) since last March, and new episodes have appeared with free, time-limited event versions for years. These experiments have shown us only positive results, as more and more players can access the content without barriers, and we continue.”

Landon also notes that the membership will get a pretty big upgrade. This includes addressing the issue of access to all episodes, as well as various other improvements. While the team has ideas, it encourages the community to speak out if they have their own suggestions. Also, expect to see a seasonal event later this month, followed by a summer seasonal event in June. Server performance is also a high priority. Then Landon touches on the future,

“Finally, looking even further ahead, we plan to launch our next two releases, introduce an important new feature, release membership updates and free episodes, bring back the Fall Seasonal event (October) and Winter Seasonal event (December), and continue the community style initiative.”

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