The latest test patch for Crowfall.

Today we will talk to you about the latest test patch for Crowfall, which indicates several updates to the powers in addition to some disciplines, and more.

  • The patch itself will focus on the strength the Confessor and mirrodin. And will also include:
  • Myrmidon: Battlerager promotion: Blood Craze is now a 10% buff to mitigate the effects of an accident from hitting a bleeding target during Berserk.
  • The Confessor: the propagating flame will not reduce the damage from burning points to be applied to the purposes for which it distributes them.
  • Myrmidon: the smell of blood now appears correctly in all Myrmidon trays.
    The faerie Ranger’s passive fire will no longer be triggered when harvesting.

Also, the patch will affect the campaign, disciplines, General fixes, and the interface. If you missed it, the Vekelsey campaign is now live on live servers. The campaign will run until November 22 at 11 am et.

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