The latest published email from a producer for Conan Exiles.

The latest published email from a producer for Conan Exiles teases us about what’s next in the survival game.

After the release of the Isle of Siptah in early access, Scott Junior, the game’s producer, provided more information about some of the developments for the game that are just coming. The game team uses early access to develop major changes that should affect both the recently released expansion and the base game.

This first update will cover the economy and crafting. But additional changes will concern the balancing of some existing systems on the island of Siptah, there will also be the introduction of a function for re-configuring characters, this will include new customization options that will only be available to Siptah owners.

In addition to all this, you need to take into account the extensive network of players, the team is very good at viewing it. To this end, wild surges and other mechanisms will see adjustments to make them more convenient for a single player.

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