The latest patch for Last Oasis contains several fixes and improvements.

So, the latest patch for Last Oasis contains several fixes and improvements for the user interface, PvE, and more.

Structures and walkers have been specified in this new patch. In particular, the panda walker was recorded where it previously showed an odd number of water crevices. The structures included a new Defensive Tower, added back with fixes and increased cost. Several issues have been resolved with the sounds of the sawmill, the harmful effects when you were in the protection of the Trading Station, and the reset of this protection.

The UI fixes were more extensive:

  • Removed sounds when hovering the mouse over things.
  • Fixed some problems with the text of the tutorial.
  • Moved the renaming of Walker to the walker inventory screen.
  • Fixed scaling of the technical tree.
  • Added a 3D preview of the hardware screen.
  • Fixed issues with the placement of the rupu turret container.
  • Fixed issues with picking up dropped containers (bottles, bags, etc.).

Also, the patch made fixes and improvements to PvE, achievements, visual effects, and controllers. The changes to the controllers were based on feedback, such as clearer button icons, additional settings, and more.

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