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The latest newsletter for Ashes of Creation.

So, right in front of you below is the latest newsletter for Ashes of Creation.

Just to remind you, the team will host a 24-hour live broadcast where they will collect donations for extra life and charities, such as the Reddy children’s hospital in San Diego. Everything will start on November 7 at a PST and run until November 8 at 6a PST. The team will provide players with a lot of free giveaways, such as Alpha One keys, so definitely tune in to a good cause.

In addition to all this, a recent letter from the Director was also published, which discussed the timing of testing Alpha One. If for some reason you missed it, then be sure to read it. The October update of the live broadcast also showed a lot of new content, such as new character hairstyles and combat footage.

A lot of players shared that they greatly value placement tools that can give you more freedom of placement. The other half of the players expressed the opinion that a variety of decorative items in addition to furniture (plants, carpets, paintings, lighting, etc.) help to make the space more personal.
And in case you missed it, check out the details of the recently introduced cleric archetype in our exclusive first look

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