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The latest major content update to be released in Fallout 76.

So, late last week, in a blog post, Bethesda once again asks players to share their feedback to make sure that Steel Reign, the last major content update to come out in Fallout 76, comes out in the best possible condition.

The Public Test Server, or PTS, opened on May 14, and players have since been able to explore and test the next major update, Steel Reign, which will be released in Appalachia in July. Testing includes checking the last line of the quest, interacting with the new vendor, Minerva, and testing legendary changes. While testing is ongoing and players are providing plenty of feedback to the team, they still need more data ahead of the July launch.

“Although this testing phase is just beginning, we hope to make some improvements in future PTS updates. For example, we are considering adjusting some of the Legendary Core drop rates and permanently increasing the Legendary Scrip Limit to help players more easily collect the components needed to create legendary items. So please keep sending us your feedback on Legendary crafting, as well as all the other improvements, content, and features you’ll get with the Steel Reign update in July.”

In this way, unlike Destiny 2, the Fallout 76 development team encourages players to continue receiving feedback by offering testers an in-game reward for doing so. Players who complete the following actions will be rewarded with their own pennant in their C. A. M. P. in the live version of F76:

  1. Complete the quest “Steel Reign “” Knight’s Penanceā€.
  2. Use the legendary crafting system five times.
  3. Buy one item of your choice from Minerva.To make this easier, Bethesda will supply each account with ready-made characters on their PTS account. These characters, called “Quests”, will be ready to go, starting with the new content.

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