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The latest Guild Wars 2 release notes are out.

The latest Guild Wars 2 release notes have been released and cover a variety of topics, from the living world to professional skills.

The release notes also addressed structured PvP, which removed the sky amulet from the PvP build panel. The black Lion Trading Company jewelry store has undergone several changes, mostly in the form of new products and promotions.

Professional skills have seen a bunch of updates and tweaks for elementalist, engineer, guardian, necromancer, Revenant, thief, and warrior. For example, the Elementalist saw the following:

  • Stormy Aria: this trait no longer increases the maximum number of goals for the scream skill.
  • Scream skills: increased the maximum number of targets from 5 to 10 in PvE only.
  • Convergence: updated the description of the tooltip for this skill to be more accurate and include the delay time until the skill lands.

The living world item covered a fix that caused objective markers to appear outside of the target map when you were on another map in several sections of Chapter 1, “Champions: the story of the truce”. This issue is now resolved

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