The latest Dev news post, discusses balancing, the next patch, and known issues with the community.

So, in the latest Dev news post from Outriders developers, People Can Fly, balancing, the next patch, and known issues with the community are discussed. Balancing was the main topic in this post, and the community manager admitted to writing a 3,400-word draft explaining balancing. However, as the Reddit post notes, the problems associated with the infamous and ongoing stock recovery and damage migration issues have made this project “out of touch with reality.””

However, a brief overview of the balance sheet discussion was given,

“As for further balancing, we first want to see how things shake out in regards to our latest patch, as damage reduction issues or faulty mods can push the meta in certain directions… not because anything is unbalanced, but because players may not have found certain aspects of the game reliable enough to use consistently. And yes, we would like to focus primarily on buffs, not nerfs.”

But as for the next patch, it is currently in the testing stage. Patch notes are not available yet, but be on the lookout as they may be published soon. The player appreciation package was also affected, which will provide more news as soon as a confirmed broadcast date is determined. Known issues were listed and included trolls loading players at the end of expeditions, login issues, connection issues during multiplayer, crashes, and memory leaks. A giant bug list was also included.

Outriders had quite a difficult start-up, due to login issues, server stability issues, and much more. The PC version wasn’t too good either.

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