The latest Crowfall test patch.

We have learned about the latest Crowfall test patch, which brings further changes to powers and disciplines.

As stated, the force changes affect duelists, Rangers, in addition to non-stealth forces. For example, piercing for duelists now works correctly against the Tree of Life, wards, and the tree of damnation. Ranger piercing arrows apply bleed, while the third slot multi-purpose shot description sees and updates.

The disciplines have undergone some changes:

  • Ranger: forest creature main discipline: fortified stake Minor discipline: slow stake now has a reduction in movement speed from 30% to 50% when used by someone with fortified stakes.
  • Confessor: molten Maga major discipline: spreading flames minor: feel the burn of fire damage over time will now have the correct amount of damage when used with spreading flames.
  • Knight: main discipline sniper: noble blood is now present in the ranged tray for knights who accept the discipline that gives the ranged tray.

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