The last question of the Guild community to collect the Ashes of Creation has arrived.

So, today, the last question of the Guild community for collecting the Ashes of Creation has arrived. This book is dedicated to what we are all familiar with: conflict resolution. If you are not familiar with the “Guild Meeting” series, it works as follows. The intrepid studios, the developers behind Ashes of Creation, are asking the community a question. However, unlike the more general discussions of developers, the series of Guild Meetings is obviously dedicated specifically to guilds.

The question that is being asked this week,

“What makes a “problematic” member of your guild and how do you deal with situations when they arise? What expectations do you set in advance and what are the consequences of not meeting them?”

Some of the responses were serious, revolving around discussions with administrators,

“Only experience working with 18+ guilds. Discuss this with the guild administrators. If there is an obvious antagonist, remove it, if it involves 2 or more participants equally, ask them to settle it in the guild chat. If they can’t handle everything on their own or continue to interfere in the affairs of the rest of the guild members, remove them both/all.”

Others were a bit hilarious. One of them noted that they will sacrifice problematic members so that they can please others and receive blessings. Another one answered shortly,

“clean up the spoiled, protect the green”

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