We likely can see The Last of Us Part 2 in February 2020, if reports are correct

the last of us part 2 ellie

It looks like The Last of Us Part 2 might be released in February 2020, according to several reports. It’s unknown when the official date will be dropped.

May February Be It

Originally reported by Eurogamer, at least three different reports or comments point at an early 2020 release date for long waited The Last of Us 2. First, is a new video interview between voice actor Ashley Johnson (Ellie) and creative producer Brian Foster.

At around 1:07:22, when Brian asks Johnson about the release date, she responds “I think it’s coming out in Fe-” before being interrupted by Foster. Whether or not this is an intentional move – or Johnson remembered mid-word that she’s not meant to say – is unclear. The question is, eventually, skipped over.

Putting The Last of Us 2 into early 2020 wouldn’t be unlikely. The first game released on the PS3 in June 2013. With Death Stranding, Jedi: Fallen Order, Pokémon: Sword and Shield in November 2019, and Call of Duty and Outer Wilds releasing late October, it would make sense for even a huge title like The Last of Us 2 to allow itself some breathing room early next year.

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