The Last Oasis team wants you to know that they are working on VOIP.

Along with the recently released patch notes, the Last Oasis team wants you to know that they are still working on VOIP.

Also, they note that they will let players know when it will be ready. In addition to all this, you do not need to include the patch. But for now, this most recent patch brings many improvements and fixes to Last Oasis, regarding gameplay, structures, bases, walkers, travel, oases, attractions, mobs, sound, interface, text, and some other general fixes.

These broader fixes include:

  • Fixed crashes related to obsidian.
  • More network optimizations for walkers.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause players to get stuck in a hit.
  • Further optimization for Rupu slings and climbing walkers.
  • Fixed crashes related to packaging near the proxy walker.

In case you missed it, in December the team teased us about what they had planned for this year.

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