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The last Guild meeting for Ashes of Creation has arrived.

Well, the last Guild meeting for Ashes of Creation has finally arrived, where you are asked about your ideal guild members.

If you have followed the development of Ashes of Creation, you will be familiar with the “Guild Meeting”series. This is similar to a series of developer discussions, but with an emphasis exclusively on guilds and guild mechanics. This week’s Guild meeting is dedicated to the ideal members, and Intrepid studios are asking what characteristics you are looking for in the ideal guild member. They also ask.

“How do you set and communicate these expectations, and track the participant’s performance in accordance with them?”

Others are looking for a guild focus.

“Of course, the ideal guild member will vary depending on the orientation of the guild. And intensity . A merchant guild will want members to be more influential and knowledgeable in the economy, while PvP guilds will want players with more equipment, shared skills, and the ability to coordinate and plan.”

At the previous Guild meeting, they asked about how you resolve the conflict. In addition, Alpha One recently ended on August 15.

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