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The Guild Wars 2 team continues to work on bugs.

So, the forum mentioned that the latency on the server side of Guild Wars 2 is improving.

It was previously reported that there were performance issues in October and that ArenaNet continues to address them with several updates. This latest update acknowledges that the first round of changes did not have the impact they had hoped for, but that subsequent work produced better results.

“Hi everyone, back in October, we informed you that we continue to work on gameplay performance issues. While our initial changes did not have the impact we hoped for, we are happy to report that we are seeing more progress in our ongoing work on server-side latency. We will be releasing updates over the next few weeks and into the new year and will monitor their success.”

The team still continues to work on everything and improve the overall gaming experience. In conclusion, the team asks all players who have encountered this problem to continue to write to them about it.

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