The Grim Challenge will return this year.

As it became known, the Grim Challenge returns to Albion Online this year and will last for the entire month.

During this month, you can earn points for activities that you conduct in the open world.Also, I advise you to open the chests for some worthwhile loot, in addition to the statement about mount lizard pests. Most likely, the rewards will also include an Avatar ring and piles of grave-style furniture.

The pest lizard mount will have the ability to poison cloud. If the enemy touches it, it will lose orientation for a short time. This time there are also seasonal special offers. You will be able to unlock chests with grim challenges. Rewards also include adventurer Volumes, silver, resources, and new furniture items such as an empty coffin, a grim tombstone, a grim lantern, and a statue of a weeping woman.

The Avatar ring requires you to earn enough challenge points before you can claim it. You have several options here. First, it can be a non-saleable item and permanently unlocks the Avatar border for only one character. You can also exchange this ring for a vanity merchant for one vanity token.

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